What is Black Hole? | Can time travel be done through hole?

Black holes are one of the strangest places in the universe. If we say Black Hole in easy language, then it is such a place in a space, where no law of physics works. The gravity of a black hole is so high that nothing in the world can escape. Not even light.

Anything can become a black hole. The higher the density or density of an object, the greater is the gravitational force of that thing.

The Density Density of Black Hole is very high. Because of this, the gravitational force of a black hole is also very high. So much so that this light means that it also attracts light, meaning that even light cannot pass through it.

Light Light travels at the highest speed of this universe. Yet light cannot escape the gravity of a black hole. So where will everything else escape the gravity of a black hole?

If any object has to be made a black hole, then it is possible only when that object is compressed very much. Suppose that if Mount Everest is compressed too much and is reduced to less than 1 nano meter in size, then Mount Everest will turn into a black hole.

If the Earth is compressed and reduced to the size of a pea, the Earth can become a black hole.

On this principle, there are stars in the universe which are many times bigger than Earth. When those stars die. Which is called Supernova. Then those stars shrink in themselves. And they become almost the size of the Earth. Then their density becomes very high. With this, the gravity of that star also increases a lot. And that star becomes the Black Hole. Which can be bigger than the earth or even the earth.

Earth or planets that grow from Earth can be hit by the gravity of that Black Hole. And in which our entire Milky Way Galaxy can also be contained. And even light cannot escape it.


That small point of the star where the star shrinks and gets converted into a black hole. When his death, that is, Suparnova, happens. That point of the star is called Singularity.

Event Horizon

The boundary of Black Hole from where light cannot escape. It is called Event Horizon. Light can escape from outside the Event Horizon. But it is impossible for light to escape from inside the Event Horizon.

Why are black holes called black holes?

If we want to see any object, then it is necessary to have light on that object. Light reflects from that object when it falls on our eyes. Then we see that object.

It is not that there is no light in Black Hole. There is light, but due to the high gravity of the black hole, the light cannot go through it by reflecting or escaping from it. Therefore, that light does not reach the human eye, because of this we see only a black sphere inside the black hole.

It is possible for a human to see the view outside the Event Horizon of the Back Hole. But it is impossible to see inside the Event Horizon. Because of this, the black hole looks like a black sphere. In which nothing is visible. That’s why it is called a black hole.

Black Hole Effect Time | Can time travel through a black hole?

The effect of a black hole is also on time. The density of the black hole is so high that it also changes the space time. Which is near the Object Black Hole. He experiences Object Time slowly. Meaning the time near the Black Hole moves slower than the rest of the space.

Suppose you are circling that black hole by keeping a safe distance from the Event Horizon of a Black Hole from a Spaceship. So the time you will be spending in that spaceship will be moving very slowly compared to the time of the rest of the universe.

If you would have spent 1 hour in that spaceship, then compared to Earth’s time, more than 1 hour of Earth’s time would have passed. This time spent in that spaceship can be many minutes, many hours, many days, or many years more than 1 hour. In this way you can do time travel through Black Hole.

What happens if a person falls into a black hole?

Imagine that a person falls into a black hole. then what will happen?

You must be thinking that that person will quickly get absorbed in that Black Hole. No! Don’t go like that. In the beginning, whatever part of that person’s body will be towards the black hole, that part of the black hole will start pulling towards itself with its high gravity. It will happen that that part of the body of that person will be pulled like a rubber. This will be because Gravity will have the most impact on that part. Due to the stretch in the body, the cells of that person’s body will be scattered. In the end that person will die.

But this is almost not possible in our life. Because the nearest black hole is thousands of light years away from us.

Which is the closest black hole to Earth?

Like we told you earlier that Black Hole is thousands of light years away from Earth. One of them is SYGNUS_X-1 which is 6000 light years away from Earth. And its mass is 15 times more than that of the Sun. But despite this black hole being so close to the earth, it will not have any effect on the earth and our solar system. So we don’t have much to fear.

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