Is Time Travel Really Possible?| How Can Time Travel Be Done?

Have you ever thought that you can also come back to the time you spent? And see how the Egyptians built the pyramids? Or maybe just go back in time and see where you will be ten years from now?

If time travel were possible, history would never be the same again. At the same time, if we talk to someone else about this, most people avoid time travel as just science fiction, but do you know that even science has not completely denied the theory of time travel. So let’s understand it in detail,

What is time travel?

Time travel is a concept, according to which, exactly the same movement can be done between different points in time. Just as we can travel between different points of space.

How is time travel possible?

According to Barak Shoshny, time travel is a paradox that Novikov’s conjecture cannot resolve. This takes us back to square one, because even eliminating just one paradox is not possible. So then time travel is logically impossible here.

Time travel and parallel timelines almost go hand in hand in science fiction, but now we have proof that they should coexist in real science as well.

How can we travel with the physical body?

If you have seen some super duper hit Hollywood movies, then you will get an idea of ​​time travel. Time travel has been depicted in a very unique way in many Hollywood blockbuster films. Seeing which the question arises whether it is possible to carry out time travel in reality as well?

Can we make a time machine to make time travel a reality in the coming few years? If yes then how? The concept of time travel has been fascinated by physicists as well as ordinary people for a long time.

The famous scientist Albert Einstein, while giving the theory of relativity in 1905, said that the universe is connected with each other in the form of time and space sheets. Due to the effect of gravitational force, this sheet bends downwards and a change is seen in the time line.

Modern scientists have also discovered many methods of time travel on the basis of this principle, using which it may be possible to make time travel a reality.

How is time travel possible?

So friends, if you believe the scientists, then some methods have been told below. Is it possible to do time travel through Nine?


Many scientists have this medicine that time travel can be done through worm holes. Worm holes are distortions in the sheets of time and space. To put it simply, a worm hole is a tunnel between two parts of space, which connects two different places together. The concept of the worm hole has been told in two popular Hollywood movies Interstellar and Star Trek.

Cosmic Strings

Cosmic string is also a kind of cosmic tube, inside which energy is filled. Due to the very dense matter inside it, the cosmic string bends the sheets of time and space very easily.

Black Hole

Black holes are one of the most dense objects in the universe. Due to the extreme gravitational force, they make a big hole in the sheet of time and space spread in space. According to scientists, time moves very slowly near the horizon of a black hole. If a vehicle is made that will come back after circling the horizon of the black hole, then the person traveling in the vehicle will be able to travel time.

Infinite Cylinder

The famous scientist Frank Tipler had put forward this theory and said that if we wrap any substance ten times the mass of the Sun and turn it into a long or dense cylinder and spin it rapidly, then through this also we can travel time. will do. But, it should be noted here that according to this principle, the size of the cylinder must also be unlimited or infinite. Here scientists have also given an argument that even though it is correct at the theoretical level. But this is impossible at the experimental level.

How to make a Time Travel Machine?

A passionate man has claimed to have acquired the technology to make machines for time travel while doing the research behind time travel. Through which it is possible to go into the past. The only problem here is that once a person has gone to his past while traveling time, he will never be able to turn back. According to the claim of a person named Alex Polischuk, a machine can be made by investing a lot of money, which can take a person to the past.

Time travel machine to be built in ₹ 8 billion

According to the Daily Star report, there is a group of people obsessed with time travel on Facebook. There are a total of 32 thousand people in this group. A person named Aaron Yohannan present in the group did a lot of research to know that after all, what things can be combined to make a time traveling machine? In response to this person, Alex said that such a machine is being made in a huge budget, which can be made in £90 million i.e. 8 billion 18 crore 6 lakh 91 thousand 300 rupees. Giving more information about the time traveling machine, this person has also given information about the technology and materials of the machine.

How to make Time Traveling Machine?

The materials used to build the time-traveling machine required a spaceship without superconducting magnets, boosters, and a sophisticated communication system. Using magnets will generate energy. Where did Alex Polischuk go ahead with this whole theory, it will be possible to go only in the past, but there is no way to return from there. Therefore, only those people can use this machine who do not wish to return.

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