Has China Really made an Artificial Sun?

Our neighboring country China is constantly writing new stories in terms of science and technology and innovation. Recently, dragons have also created an artificial sun (China Duplicate Sun). According to the report after long-running testing, this artificial sun has generated a temperature 5 times higher than the real sun for 17 minutes.

Artificial Sun of China

According to the report, the name of China’s artificial sun is EAST (Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak). Recently, during testing, this artificial Sun of China has generated a temperature of 70 million degrees Celsius for 1056 seconds. This is many times more than the temperature of the real Sun. If the temperature of this fake sun created by dragons remains like this, then the problem of electricity in China will end completely.

China Aartificial Sun

Earlier in May 2021, this artificial Sun of China generated a temperature of 120 million degrees Celsius for up to 101 seconds. Let us tell you one more thing that the center of the real sun has a temperature of about 15 million degrees Celsius, but this fake sun has generated 2 times more temperature than this.

How does China’s Artificial Sun work?

Even more powerful than the real sun, this artificial sun has been made in the new province of China. Talking about the way East (EAST) works, it does less on even the most super hitting plasma. This means that positive ions from one of the four forms of matter and highly energized free electrons are put into a donut-shaped reactor chamber and rotated at great speed. As a result of this process, an amazing level of magnetic power is generated, but one thing needs to be noted here that this process is very difficult.

Why did China make Artificial Sun?

China has spent lots of money in making its artificial sun in tokamak. Also another thing is that tokamak is an installation that uses high temperature and boils hydrogen isotopes in plasma.

It also helps in releasing energy. According to the report, its successful use will result in the use of very less fuel. Also an important thing is that due to artificial sun, ‘zero’ radioactive waste will be generated.

In this connection, Sant Yuntao, deputy director of the Institute of Plasma Physics, said that after about five years from today, we will also build our own fusion reactor, which will take 10 years to build.

Giving information about why China made an artificial sun, he said that now he will use fusion reactors and fake suns to build electricity generators and will also start producing electricity by about 2040.

How can an Artificial Sun be made?

Now next we are telling you how China has made artificial sun.

In this process, super magnets are activated around the machine by inserting molecules of deuterium and tritium (heavy hydrogen) into a machine called tokamak. Plasma is generated inside this machine.

In further processing, the plasma is held together by a magnetic field, so that the powerful energy generated does not come out and heat the walls of the machine.

This plasma is heated to about 150 million degrees Celsius. Doing so leads to the fusion of deuterium and tritium.

In addition, helium and neutrons are also produced in this process. Their mass is much less than the combined mass of deuterium and tritium.

Ultimately, this excess mass is converted into energy in the process of fusion to form the fake Sun. Right now the energy generated during this experiment has been absorbed through some metals.

In the coming future, there is a strong possibility of making steam, running turbines and generating electricity from this energy.

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